More about the song and the lyrics:

The lyrics of this song are just awesome, the song starts with a beautiful combination of (synthesizer, drums and acoustic guitar) and then the soothing lyrics. I just love the rhyme in the first part, the love of mine, with a song and a wine, you'r harsh and divine. The way the singer expresses his love for the girl is amazing, no doubt he picked the best way, he wrote a song and made his love immortal. The reprise is mixture of the english words "I am so lonely" with classical music "alaap" which makes the song more beautiful. When i heard the song for the first time, it was very hard for me to believe that the singer is an "Indian", but later in the song itself when the hindi lyrics arrive out of nowhere, this song becomes magical, I was struck with sheer brilliance of the guys behind this song. 

Meaning of the part in "Hindi" for some of our international followers:Basically the hindi part also expresses the same, love of the author towards the girl, but the hindi part is more fascinating. The meaning is: "girl, you never understood me or my love. It is my love and hence my pain. I was always there in the crowd, but you never realized and whenever someone asked me, I just said ....... I am so lonely ....... ".  "Tune nahi jaana, Kabhi nahi jaana", the case with almost everybody. Sometimes in life, everyone of you must have encountered a situation where the one you love the most, does not understand you, and the time when you want that one to be with you, all you get is "Emptiness/Loneliness". So, all I would say is "Feel This Song".  At last, I would just say that I loved this song, and hope all of you do like this song, I feel sad for the loss of such a promising talent of India, but more than that I feel proud of this guy. Hope the girl realizes the love of Rohan for her, maybe that was what he wished for ........ [NOTE] The authenticity of the story is not confirmed. It is based on what is spread over the internet through various blogs. Other people who claims this song haven't been able to come up with a proof, until then we have decided to stick to this story. But IMHO, story is not the motive, listen to the song without any of it's story background.